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Post  auliakushardini on Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:04 pm

Hello Delegates,
after reading your position papers, I've come to a conclusion that--as what happens in the real world--we all agree upon the making of a union government in our continent.
However, we've picked various stances of the plan and time frame to create this very idea.
We've also been hindered by various obstacles, of which you've all been really familiar with.
This condition has brought me to think of some possible motions, i.e.:
1. motion for a ten minute moderated caucus, one minute speaking time for each speaker,
to discuss the time frame of the establishment of this union government
2. motion to discuss the general authority and the model of the central government once the union government have been created.
3. motion to discuss the method and plan to reduce economic gap within the African countries.
4. motion to discuss the continental fight against HIV/AIDS (I see that some countries put HIV/AIDS as their main obstacle to reach prosperity)
5. motion to discuss the functioning of regional organizations throughout Africa as the way to build continental unity.

well, that's all for now in my humble opinion...what say you? Surprised

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